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 Public ArtworkRoots and Layers

Roots and Layers

“Rooted” 4’ x 12’ and “Layers” 8’ x 12’. These two pieces are on the same theme are found in two conference rooms in the State Capital Building in Lincoln, Nebraska. They show the relationship of the people of Nebraska to the land, and how the two are interrelated. 1991.

"Layers” 10 feet x 6 feet. This piece shows the layers of history reaching down to the Ogallala Aquifer. I worked with local historians to decide on the images.

“Rooted” 3 ft x 6 ft. Copper, and aluminum on brass. Shows how the people are rooted to the earth on which they live. Starts with the animals then goes to the Native Americans, then the settlers, farmers, and finally the present day inhabitants.

Details of Layers

Full View of Layers

Full View of Layers

Details of Rooted




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