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Installing the Scale of Justice

Installing the Scale of Justice



2006 “ We the People” Memorial for Senator Paul and Sheila Wellstone, St. Paul, MN

2005 “Kaleidoscope” Library inside and outside wall piece, Sarasota, FL

2004 “Scale of Justice” Courthouse Plaza 36’ kinetic fountain, Albuquerque, NM

2003 “Metamorphosis” Computer Center wall piece, University of New Mexico, Roswell, NM

2001 “Global Positioner” Albuquerque International Airport hanging piece Albuq. NM

2000 “Carrusel de San Ysidro” wind-driven carousel in park, Albuquerque, NM

2000 “Pangaea” University of Minnesota 15’ diam. hanging piece, Minneapolis, MN

1999 “Dialogue” University of Central Florida 18' wall piece, Orlando, FL

1998 “Performance” Amphitheater with giant puppets, Loveland, CO

1998 “Regenesis” Serengeti Game Park Visitors Center wall piece, Tanzania, Africa

1997 “Clock of Dreams” NM State University 34’ kinetic tower plaza, Las Cruces, NM

1997 “Rattler” New Mexico Tech (EMRTC) 35’ long snake on poles, Socorro, NM

1995 “The Four Quadrants” Santa Fe Community College Planetarium Lobby, Santa Fe, NM

1995 “Frozen Fountain” Valencia Campus UNM Courtyard, Los Lunas, NM

1994 “Gaia Genesis” Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ

1994 “Rio Grande Ribbon” Public library atrium hanging piece, Albuquerque, NM

1993 “Road” Dept of Transportation, Tampa, FL

1993 “FireWork” Fire Training Academy four large inside and out panels, Albuquerque, NM

1993 “Dominion” National Western Stock Show Building 200’ facade, Denver, CO

1992 “Case for Books” Sherwood High School Library and etchings, Montgomery County, MD

1991 “Count to Ten, Reach for the Stars” Briggs Chaney HS, Montgomery Country, MD

1991 “In the Beginning Was the Word” New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM

1991 “Roots” Nebraska State House, Lincoln, NE

1990 “The Wizard's House” Montgomery Knolls School, Silver Spring, MD

1990 “Who Am I?” Northwood High School, Silver Spring, MD

1989 “Pillars of Knowledge” Watkins Mill High School, Montgomery County, MD

1989 “Walk on the Earth” Medical Office, Chicago, IL

1989 “Rock Creek” Rock Creek Elementary School, Silver Spring, MD

1988 “Forces and Signs” Gaithersburg Junior High, Gaithersburg, MD

1988 “Alphabet Tree” Stone Mill Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

1987 “By Their Works You Shall Know Them” BDM Corporation, Mclean, VA

1986 “Evolutionary Geoscape” Museum of Natural History, Albuquerque, NM

1985 “Geological Time” Performing Arts Center New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM

1977 Painted Mural Giraffe House, Rio Grande Zoo, Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico Govenor's Award

New Mexico Govenor's Award



2007 New Mexico Governor’s Award for contributions in the arts.

2007 and 2003 – Work bought through the “Acclaimed Artists Awards” for state buildings in NM

1995 Banff Center for the Arts Residence, Banff, Canada

1993 Ragdale Colony Residence, Lake Forest, IL

1992 MacDowell Colony Residence, Peterborough, NH

1988 Award of Merit from the Albuquerque Conservation Society for the best public art in the city.

1987 New Horizons Prize for art and science , International Society of Arts, Science and Technology, “Leonardo Magazine”

1976-77 National Endowment of Arts Grant “Artist in Residence” in the Albuquerque public schools. Created seven large murals over two-year period.



Quest, London, 1992.

Hombre de Mondo, vol. 15 #1,1990

Interiors, June 1989

Scientific American, February 1989

Artist's Magazine, January 1989

New Scientist, November 1988

Leonardo, Article written by the artist, November 1988

Smithsonian Magazine, Main Feature, December 1987

Mechanical Engineering, October 1987

Sculpture Magazine, December 1986

Southwest Art, May 1986

Omni Magazine, April 1986

New Mexico Magazine, May 1986 and October 1987

Science News, July 1985 and November 1987

New Mexico Magazine, January 1981

Art Voices South, November 1980

American Artist, October 1980


Fifty or more newspaper articles and reviews have appeared on my work since 1970. These include feature articles in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Dallas Morning News.

Television and Radio

Russian Television Today Show, April 2005

“Ripley’s Believe It or Not” September 20, 2000

“Equinox” BBC Television, October 1995

“Nightline” ABC, November 25, 1993

“Home Show” ABC, July 1993

“Shobu, Shobi” Japanese Television, January l992

“Smithsonian World” Discovery Channel

Voice of America

“All Things Considered” National Public Radio,

“Illustrated Daily” PBS

“Beyond 2000” Australian Television

ABC News with Peter Jennings

“Today Show” January 8, 1990

CBS Nightly News, April l990

"Colores" PBS, KNME Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1990

Exhibition, New Mexico State House, 2007

Exhibition, New Mexico State House, 2007


I have participated in over 40 one person and group shows since 1969 when I first started showing my work.

making an etching

making an etching


London School of Printing, Art of the Book: Spring 1984

University of New Mexico, Masters of Fine Arts: 1969-70

Rochester Institute of Technology, A.A.S. Commercial Art: 1968-69

Columbia University School of Fine Arts: 1967-68

Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Comparative Religion: 1965-66

Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Junior year abroad: 1962-63

University of Maryland, BA English and History with secondary teachers certificate: 1960-64

Installing Crosswalk in Santa Fe, NM

Installing Crosswalk in Santa Fe, NM


Design Advisor, City of Santa Fe Public Works Projects: 2006-07

Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts, New Mexico Tech: 1985-88

Guest Artist, Coriander Press, London, England: January-June 1984

Owner and operator of printing studio, Eber Press: 1978-86

Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts, Montclair State College: 1973-76

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, University of Haifa, Israel: 1971-73

Director of Art Program, Ohel Sarah, Kibbutz College, Upper Galilee, Israel: 1971-73

Artist, Summer in the City Poverty Program, Harlem, NY: Summer 1968

Commercial Artist, Bombay, India: Spring 1967

Painting by the artist of her family

Painting by the artist of her family


Married with 2 children born 1973 and 1979

Granddaughter born 2008

Husband, Dr. Gary Rosenberg, Chairman, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, University of New Mexico




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